by Richard Poulter February 26, 2019 1 min read

We're very pleased to announce that The Stove Yard has been appointed authorised Wiking dealers. Wiking wood burning stoves are made in Denmark in the same factory as the world-beating Dan Skan stoves that we already sell and are built to the same exacting standards of performance and production.

These affordable contemporary radiant and convection stoves offer you a big choice of 26 models including wall-mounted, pedestal and heat storage options. Soapstone and ceramic covers are also available. All Wiking stoves are Defra and Hetas approved as well as being emissions-friendly 2022 Ecodesign compliant.

All feature Wiking's Automatic combustion air control and unique door closing mechanism as standard. There's also DIBt 100% room sealed options for low energy houses or where MVHR is present. One of the first thing that you notice about Wiking stoves, and that we believe will make them best sellers, are the bigger than average windows which on some models are almost the full height and width of the fire chamber. Then there's also the outstanding Danish design and build quality and not forgetting the competitive prices. Definitely outstanding stoves well worthy of your consideration.

Click here to see Wiking Stoves at The Stove Yard

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