Low emissions Ecodesign boiler stoves are totally different from the old multi fuel boiler stoves that many of us know. Since January 2022 Ecodesign boiler stoves are now the only type of boiler stoves that you can legally sell in the UK and Republic of Ireland. This excludes any stock that physically exists in the supply chain prior to that, but since manufacturers have known that the tough Ecodesign emissions regulations have been coming for well over five years most stopped making the old style boiler stoves a long time ago. So what's going to replace them?

The problem stove makers have had is that it has been virtually impossible to make their existing designs and configurations meet the new emissions limits when they have been retested, unlike many stoves that don't have boilers. It takes an altogether different type of combustion chamber and tank design to keep the flue gases hot enough to burn off enough emissions to satisfy Ecodesign and that has a knock-on effect on the overall look of the new stoves. Sadly it's a challenge that even the best of British boiler stove makers have so far, for many reasons, not yet risen to. 

Fortunately one or two of their European counterparts have succeeded in producing a number of outstanding highly efficient Ecodesign boiler stoves designed to burn wood and The Stove Yard is pleased to be able to offer these to you. As far as we know our collection of Ecodesign Boiler Stoves represents everything that is currently available in the UK and Ireland. For anyone who's looking to increase their home's energy independence or simply to reduce their carbon footprint you now have a practical, modern low emissions alternative to the old inefficient boiler stove – and they're all here.

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