Morso Stoves

Morso Stoves

For over 15 years now The Stove Yard have been working with Morso as authorised dealers in both Northern Ireland and in Cheshire.

So why are Morso Stoves so Good? Well they have been building wood burning stoves in Denmark for some 160 years – so you can be confident that by now they're pretty good at it. Over that time they've been continuously developing their stoves to meet changes in lifestyle and the increasing demands to maximise fuel efficiency and minimise their environmental impact. Today the Morso name is synonymous with cutting edge clean-burn stove designs that are built to last a lifetime.

From the classic design icon that is Britain's best selling 5 kW DEFRA stove - The Morso Squirrel, to the state-of-the-art Cassette 5660 Stove, every Morso stove offers you supreme build quality and total reliability. No wonder Morso were one of the first stove brands to provide its customers with a 10 Year Guarantee on their cast stoves – and it's not surprising to us that, even today, very few stove manufacturers can match this.

Such dependability has won Morso an army of loyal fans, among them Stove Yard staff members, nearly all of whom own and run a Morso. Consequently at our Cheshire and Northern Ireland showrooms we can provide you with unrivaled first-hand Morso expertise. As one of their biggest dealers too, we can also offer you excellent value and expert advice, and all this without compromising on our commitment to the highest quality customer care and after-sales service that you have a right to expect when you buy a premium product like a Morso stove.

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