The Gozney Dome and Roccbox pioneering pizza ovens can certainly give the Italians a run for their money when it comes to cooking up professional quality wood fired pizzas. With their stunning designer looks you could be forgiven for thinking that they are in fact Italian, however the designer Tom Gozney and his small company are actually based much closer to home in Christchurch Bournemouth. Tom and his team used their years of experience and technical know-how gained in producing larger commercial ovens to develop their two highly desirable and very practical, restaurant grade domestic outdoor Gozney pizza ovens. Over the years the Gozney Pizza Oven's mission has remained the same: to continuously push the boundaries to combine wood-fired engineering with beautiful designs and to create high performance products that are easy to use and that will forever change the way that we cook. Today Gozney pizza ovens are not only favoured by the who's who of cooking and used in several of the world’s leading kitchens but they can also be found within gardens, backyards and patios across the globe. We love them!


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