Cassette stoves for plain walls and chimney breastsMinimal contemporary styling with big flame pictures

Cassette type wood burning stoves are designed to be set at height directly within a plain chimney breast or flat purpose-built non-combustible structure. These days they come in a big choice of shapes, sizes and heat outputs to, not only make a strong visual impact on a living space whatever its size, but also to be able to efficiently and economically heat it. Since their minimal frames fit flush against the wall they also help maximise floor space. Effectively all that you see with an inset stoves is the wonderful flame picture they produce while the convected heat gently moves hot air around to quickly warm the living space. There are even double-sided versions and models where the doors discretely slide up inside the chimney breast (Guillotine Stoves) so that they can also be safely used as an open fire should you ever want it. If you're looking for an inset stove to fit within a standard builders opening at floor level or which can also be installed within a suitable non-cobustible fire surround then please check out our Inset Stoves for Standard Fireplace Openings section.

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