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Whether you call them wood burners, log burners or wood stoves, the modern wood burning stove makes a great sustainable, carbon neutral and ultimately very enjoyable heating choice for your home – one that, even today, really has no equal. One that gives you quick and abundant cost-effective heat that will draw the whole family closer and one that will have an increasingly important role to play in the domestic heating mix when our gas boilers eventually go. And 'no' they're definitely not being banned. The Government recently set the record straight when it published its Air Quality Regulations proposals which clearly stated that they 'are not banning stoves and do not seek to prevent their use or installation'. At the Stove Yard we offer you a wide choice from many of the leading British and European brands backed up with best expert advice and great customer care. Check them out here or better still come and see us in our Cheshire and County Down showrooms where a warm welcome awaits you.

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