Stoves with Direct Air SupplyEssential for low energy homes and rooms with extractors

Generally speaking choosing a stove with a direct external air supply (DEAS) makes perfect sense for most post-2008 homes, if the room the stove is being installed in has an extractor fan or if the home has a mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) system. Direct air is also a good idea if you're worried about draughts since supplying the combustion air directly into the stove means that the stove is virtually room-sealed and none of the air inside the room is used for combustion which in turn means that colder air is not brought into the room to replace it. In our opinion DEAS isn't critical for stoves in older houses which can be fairly draughty anyway and therefore the supply of air is never usually in question. These days most stoves capable of DEAS come factory-fitted with an in-built manifold or 'air box' so that the non-combustible ducting (sold separately) carrying external air can be simply attached to the stove whilst some manufacturers sell the air box as an easily fitted option. External air inlets are usually at the rear of the stove but on some models you're given the choice of bringing the air into the rear or alternatively discreetly into the base. In the last ten years, more or less since they were first introduced, The Stove Yard has sold and installed thousands of stoves with direct air capability so you'll be very much in expert hands should you choose a DEAS stove from us.
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