Hwam Outdoor – Stoves, Fire Pits, Modular Log Stores and Garden Planters

Top Danish stove makers Hwam have just introduced a beautifully designed and co-ordinated collection of corten steel garden fires and furniture that is quite unlike anything else on the UK and Irish markets. You’re certainly not going to find anything remotely similar in your local garden centre. Corten steel is the trendy metal that architects and interior designers rave about and that already comes wonderfully weathered in a rusty autumnal orange-red and because of the way that it is formulated the rust stays on the surface leaving the rest of the steel corrosion-free. This ensures that corten steel is not only very attractive looking but also extremely low maintenance and weather-resistant.

Being stove makers first and foremost, the most important product in the Hwam outdoor range is naturally their Cubis glass-sided outdoor stove with raised fire chamber and which is simply stunning looking and extremely safe to use. They’ve also produced the delightfully sculptural Fuego firepit that just oozes industrial chic and will look great even without a fire. The collection is completed with six tasteful modular storage units that can be used for logs or to create practical counter tops for food preparation, and ten (yes ten!) different sized planters that work equally well standing alone or combined to create high or low dividing walls or island features. As you’d expect from a major Danish manufacturer, each item in the Hwam Outdoor collection is extremely well designed and engineered and we have no-doubt that over the next few months you’ll be seeing them popping up in the pages of many a tasteful homes and gardens magazine. They’re definitely a most welcome addition to The Stove Yard’s own outdoor collection – check out the complete Hwam Outdoor range here.

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