Ecodesign StovesImproving the environmental credentials of wood burning

Ecodesign is a new Europe-wide environmental scheme aimed at significantly reducing the emissions that wood burning and multi fuel stoves produce. The energy labelling you now see on stoves was the first phase. Eccodesign will come into force in full on 1st January 2022 and all new stoves for sale after that date must have passed increased efficiency and reduced emissions standards which, for the first time, will include critical tests for nitrous oxides (NOx), organic gaseous carbon (OGC) and particulate matter (PM). Many older stoves were never ever going to pass these tough new tests and have consequently been withdrawn by manufacturers, so from that point of view you could say Ecodesign has already been a success. Independent tests have shown that an Ecodesign stove delivers a 90% reduction in particulate emissions compared to an open fire and around 80% compared to an old stove. In addition Ecodesign wood burners are virtually carbon-neutral and are therefore still the simplest way to cost-effectively and significantly reduce your home’s greenhouse (CO2) gas production. Although the odd one or two non-compliant stoves may still remain for sale elsewhere during 2021, rest assured that all of the stoves featured on The Stove Yard website are Ecodesign ready.

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SIA Ecodesign ready stoves – a quantum leap in clean burning

Ecodesign is a ground breaking EU regulation, which will become legal in the UK (and ireland) in 2022. It sets much tougher minimum emissions requirements for energy-related products which have an environmental impact, such as wood burning and multi fuel stoves. This was all negotiated and agreed at EU level long before Brexit and will go-ahead whatever the outcome of that.

This means that for the first time stove designers and manufacturers will have to make sure that their stoves meet critical limits on a much wider range of PM (particulate matter such as dust, soot and smoke) and emissions, including NOx (the catch-all term for NO (nitric oxide) and NO2 (nitrogen oxide)) and OGC (Organic Gaseous Carbon) which are derived from incompletely burned combustion gases. In short, the new standards will be much higher than the current tough levels for Defra Smoke Exempt stoves which will mean much cleaner burning, environmentally friendly stoves in the future, whatever part of the country you live in. In fact Defra is using the introduction of Ecodesign stoves to target reductions in emissions from wood burning across the UK.

Recent independent research carried out on behalf of the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), the trade body representing stove manufacturers and distributors in the UK, has indicated that modern clean burning stoves which are designed to meet Ecodesign standards will significantly reduce particulate emissions by 90% when compared with an open fire and up to 84% when compared to an old stove. So even though a wood burner is already a relatively low source of emissions this will still be great news for our local air quality. Which is why SIA members (which includes The Stove Yard) are committed to achieving these improved emissions standards as soon as possible through its Ecodesign Ready Scheme.

The SIA's Ecodesign Ready scheme, supported by Defra and overseen by Hetas, has its own label and will set the standard for the most environmentally friendly stoves available today. It will let you know that the stoves displaying the label will meet or exceed the new stringent emission limits as well as further increase the environmental benefits you can gain from heating your home with this type of stove.

Below we have listed some Ecodesign Ready stoves that you can buy now from The Stove Yard. However, please note that the number of Ecodesign Ready stoves is increasing virtually every day and that also not all of the compliant models that we sell are yet shown on our website – so please call us for more information.

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