Family owned Belgian stove manufacturer Dovre Stoves has been in the business of making fine stoves in the traditional all-cast iron method for more than 80 years and it is this which truly sets them apart from virtually every other stove maker. We're not talking cheap lightweight Chinese cast iron here. Dovre Stoves are renowned for their premium grade, precision cast iron (lots of it), high performance heating solutions which are combined with superior designs fit to grace the finest European homes. Compare the weight of a Dovre Stove to any other equivalent stove and you'll see exactly what we mean. Investment in continuous product improvement is at the core of everything that Dovre Stoves does and today their stoves feature the very best of clean burning technology for improved efficiency and minimal emissions. When it comes to looks, Dovre Stoves can offer you an exquisite collection of traditional, retro and contemporary styled stoves with designs quite unlike anything else on the market. Without a doubt there's a Dovre Stove for the widest range of room and fireplace settings and they're all available from The Stove Yard in Northern Ireland and Cheshire.

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