Danish-made stoves available from The Stove Yard

There are two things you should know about the Danish when it comes to wood burning stoves: they know better than most how to cost-effectively heat their homes and they really know about great design when it comes to furnishing them. Put the two together and you can see why stoves made in Denmark set the benchmark for beautifully considered, highly efficient heating solutions. At The Stove Yard we offer you three of their very best-selling stove brands which have also been long established in the UK and Irish markets and as such have not only gained an excellent reputation for reliability and build quality but also for the easy availability of spares. Choose from the entry-level Wiking, by far our best-selling contemporary stoves, their sister brand Hwam, with the biggest range of any manufacturer, and the legendary Morsø, one of the oldest stove makers in the world and one of the very few left anywhere who can offer you traditional and contemporary stove designs created purely with cast iron.
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