Esse Stoves – British made and built to last

Esse have been around for nearly 160 years, making them one of the oldest stove makers in the world – but please don't let that put you off. British made Esse stoves really are at the cutting edge of stove combustion technology. While the rest of the stove industry was working hard to get their existing firebox technology to meet the tough new 2022 Ecodesign emissions limits, which for example would see carbon monoxide (CO) reduced by 88% (seen by the industry as almost impossible at the time) Esse went straight back to the drawing board. The result is that all of their new stoves now incorporate emissions-busting catalytic converters, making them amongst the very first wood burners in Europe to feature them. With their Esse 175 model they proudly boast that have built their most efficient and cleanest burning stove yet. At 83.7% efficiency the 175 also manages to further reduce CO by a staggering 83% of the Ecodesign limits. We agree that this not only makes it Esse's cleanest burning stove but would also argue that it's probably the entire industry's cleanest burning stove as well. With Esse it's also reassuring to know that all of their stoves are still hand-made and only use the finest materials to ensure that they'll last a lifetime – tradition and technology definitely go hand in hand when you invest in an Esse.

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