Yorkshire-based Dunsley Heat have have always had a tremendous reputation for the quality and reliability of their stoves and boiler stoves. The Dunsley Yorkshire stove which was the very first wood burning boiler to be Defra Approved, is still the benchmark by which other boiler stoves are measured and their non-boiler stoves are all excellent too. The Dunsley 4.9kW Highlander 5, as well as its Defra Approved configuration, the Enviroburn 5, are both perennial best sellers at The Stove Yard, and in our opinion, the Highlander 3 with its compact footprint, is simply the best small multi fuel stove you can buy.

If you're looking for an affordable well-built British 'belt and braces' stove, then Dunsley could be your perfect choice. We're pleased to say that even after all the years that we've been an authorised Dunsley dealer their stoves remain amongst the most trouble-free that we've ever sold and installed, easily making them the ultra-dependable peace-of-mind choice.

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