When Stuv first started they also sold their services as design consultants and quickly developed a reputation for creating products that combined innovation with functionality and desirability. Some 30 years on we're pleased to see this ethos hasn't changed, the only difference being that the company's efforts (and its 120 employees) are now totally devoted to designing and producing exceptional stove concepts that people all over Europe simply love to use.

Each Belgian made Stuv wood burner is typified by stylishly clean lines and and a practical simplicity, so that it fits easily into the owner's everyday environment bringing with it the timeless joy of a living fire as well as efficient heating. Just take a look at the unique and best selling three-in-one Stuv 30 or its taller 89% mega-efficient brother, the heat-storing Stuv 30 Compact High, to see exactly what we mean.

High performance and a respect for the environment are the driving force behind each Stuv design. The company's continuous search for user-friendly innovative solutions which integrate renewable energy from sustainable wood into the heating systems of the future, ensures that whichever Stuv you choose the enjoyment and pleasure you'll derive from your new efficient heating method are just some of the benefits of owning a Stuv. We've observed that Stove Yard customers are generally drawn first to our live burning Stuv 30-Compact display (in both our Holmes Chapel, Cheshire and Newtownards, Northern Ireland showrooms) and then, sadly after that, every other stove seems to be a compromise for them... you've been warned.

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