The Ecodesign emissions regulations coming into force in January 2022 have made it impossible for the old style wrap-around multi fuel boiler designs to meet the new ultra low standards. This has meant that manufacturers have ceased production of them. Over the last few years though, Woodfire have been developing their new Ecodesign wood burning boiler stoves which do away with the traditional boiler design and also incorporate the latest combustion technology to ensure that wood fired central heating, using logs, still has has an important role to play in the modern domestic heating mix, but now with extremely low emissions.

To date we cannot think of any other wood burning Ecodesign boilers except the six from Woodfire shown below. These free-standing and inset boiler stoves have been designed to deliver an practical balance of easy-to-live-with heat to the room while providing generous heat to the water. They will work equally well in pre 2008 homes and because of their direct external air supply capability can also work safely in low energy or passiv haus type homes. Woodfire Ecodesign boilers not only make an obvious carbon neutral replacement for oil or gas (think of all those SAP Brownie points) but can also be used to complement existing heating systems including heat pumps. They can be connected to pressurised or open-vented systems for example. Most importantly you also get a great looking, warm and welcoming, focal point for your living space.

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