ESSE Portable Garden Stove and Grill

Just because the British-made Esse Garden Stove and Grill is a mere outdoor stove, don't be fooled into thinking that somehow Esse will have skimped on the quality of their materials and their renowned attention to detail. The fact that it has a traditional cast iron door and weighs in at some 88kg should put an end to those kind of thoughts. It also has its own set of chunky rear wheels and carrier frame (a bit like a sack truck) which makes moving it around really easy and when you've positioned it exactly where you want it you know it's going to stay there. You can also make that position permanent and secure by simply detaching the frame and wheels. Incidentally, Esse recommend that their Garden Stove is always positioned on a non-combustible surface, so if you're planning on using it on decking then this must always be protected from the stove's heat. When the stove is lightly oiled with flax oil, as recommended by Esse, you can leave the stove outdoors, although we'd also suggest that when you're not planning on using it for long spells to wheel it inside your garage or garden shed or at the very least protect it with tarpaulin or a similar water-proof cover.

The hand-built, Esse Garden Stove and Grill features an enclosed firebox (just like a real stove) which makes it both practical and safe and, because it also comes with its own tall flue pipe, there's no need to ever worry about the wind or which way it is blowing. This means that unlike other outdoor open fires and fire pits you'll be able to sit almost as close as you want. The major benefit of the Esse Garden Stove is that, not only can you use it just like a patio heater, but it also features a handy hotplate and practical grill. When the hotplate / stove lid is folded up it forms a useful splash-back and wind break for the good-sized grill underneath. This is great for flame grilling, however we find that it works best when you've created a good bed of glowing embers with high temperature and without flame. This way you can gently cook fish and meats to perfection with all of the added flavour that only cooking on a real wood fire can deliver. The grill itself can be easily removed for cleaning.

The Garden Stove's design style echoes Esse's best-selling Bakeheart range; a sort of timeless industrial chic that will fit in anywhere, plus it has a big picture window for a great view of the fire. Judging from the size of the Garden Stove firebox we would estimate a heat output range of around 5kW to 7kW depending on the size of the wood only fuel load. The Esse Garden Stove comes with approximately 1400mm of flue pipe (in two pieces) and is already assembled with its wheeled carrier frame attached so that all you have to do is simply add the flue pipe. The stove itself is 691 mm high and the flue pipe brings the overall height to 2100mm (7') and well above head height.

When you consider its lowly price and the way that we've all recently taken to outdoor living then it's not surprising that the Esse Outdoor Stove and Grill has proved extremely popular since its launch. We would therefore recommend that you place your order with us as soon as you can to ensure an early delivery.

Please Note In the interests of safety never operate your Esse Garden Stove inside your garage, shed, yurt or any other off-grid accommodation and always wait until it is completely cold before you move it indoors. Remember, carbon monoxide (CO) can still be released from smouldering embers.


    Fuel Seasoned wood only
    Flue Top only 125mm diameter
    Overall Height 691mm (2100mm with flue pipe)
    Overall Width 500mm
    Overall Depth 600mm (+ 65mm for wheels)
    Weight 88kg
    Heat Output Estimated 5kW to 7kW
    Construction Cast iron door, steel bodywork
    Options Extra flue lengths (POA)
    Distance to combustibles Estimated: Sides 350mm Rear 500mm
    Guarantee 5 Years (1 year parts)



    Download Esse Garden Stove Technical Manual

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