VLAZE Adapt – Modular Vitreous Enamel Outdoor Kitchen Furniture for Home, Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

Check out the unique and innovative collection of Vlaze Adapt contemporary portable modular outdoor kitchen units and furniture which have been designed to look equally great inside the home. We can just see them looking totally cool in some big open-fronted open plan living space on the Grand Designs television programme where the owners are enthusing to Kevin about their total flexibility – being able to move them around to suit their indoor and outdoor activities and to mix and match from a huge range of colours. Not to mention how practical they are.

Being British-made each free-standing Vlaze Adapt module has been constructed from the highest quality vitreous enamelled steel panels and materials and has been designed to, not only be supremely functional (after all they're also aimed at catering professionals) but they're also built to last. Coping with the vagaries of our weather is never going to present them with a problem since they're made by the same people who make London Underground signs. Just wipe them down to make them look like new and, if you feel that you have to, then simply wheel them into the garage or back indoors on their easy-glide wheels until nex time. But why would you want to hide them away when they're going to look so good in your garden or on your patio?

The Adapt designers have thought of everything including a kitchen sink unit too. Choose from a simple one-off flat top door fronted island cabinet for food preparation and storage or to safely and securely place your gas grill to a complete, fully flexible kitchen suitable for serious catering. The Adapt designers have even made a unit specifically to complement popular outdoor cooking appliances such as the large Big Green Egg – they've even matched the famous green. There's no doubt that with the Vlaze Adapt range the trend for outdoor cooking and living has just taken a giant leap in sophistication.

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