Stoves for off-grid sheds, huts and yurts – heating, cooking and baking for tiny spaces

With many of us forced to work from home and at the same time many of us also desperate to be anywhere else other than home there's been tremendous growth in the home made off-grid bolt-hole, even if we only have to walk to the bottom of the garden to escape to it and thanks to people like George Clarke's Amazing Spaces these tiny buildings are getting more and more sophisticated. Every creature comfort is now catered for and number one is making sure they can be safely heated for year-round use. Enter the wood burning stove – centre stage. Long gone are the days when any old leaky cast iron stove (whatever the heat output) would do. These days there's a greater awareness of safety and practicality and a number of manufacturers have risen to the challenge and developed some highly controllable small output stoves, along with their all-important heat shielding compartments, suitable for these tiny off-grid buildings with their typical single-storey timber construction and associated short flues. Not only for heating them but also to provide convenient cooking and baking facilities when space is at a premium. So whether you need a stove for a shed, boat, garden office, log cabin yurt or shepherd's hut at The Stove Yard we offer you a choice from the UK's top three best-selling speciality brands – Chilli Penguin, Salamander Hobbit and the truly wonderful Apple Pie collection. Of course we also sell that perennial favourite, much loved by canal boaters, the timeless Morsø Squirrel.

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