Defra Approved StovesCleaner burning than your average stove

If you live in an urban area then it's more than likely that you are also living in a Smoke Control Area which means that if you want to install a wood burner and burn logs legally then your stove must be a Defra Smoke Exempt Appliance, also known as a Defra approved stove. If you want to burn coal then this must be an approved smokeless coal. These will be the only two fuels that you will be allowed to burn in your stove. At The Stove Yard we have a big choice of traditional and contemporary styled Defra approved wood burners and multi fuel stoves, especially if you need a typical 5.0k stove (there's dozens) and there are some great entry-level models that really do represent excellent value in every way. There was a while when the industry thought that the new ultra-low emissions Ecodesign stove designs would do away with the need for Defra approved stoves, but this has turned out not to be the case. Now when you choose a Defra approved stove, that's also an Ecodesign stove, you can be sure that it's just about as clean burning and environmentally friendly as it's possible to be.

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