The High and Mighty (Tall Order) Eco

Head and shoulders above the rest - a Multi Fuel Stove with Oven!!

This stove began with a phone call, “this might be a tall order but can you make me a stove with a taller oven? I want to bake bread in it”. The tall order High and Mighty was born! For all you bakers and bread makers, lovers of slow roasted veg, hearty casseroles, sticky cakes and crumbly pies..this is your stove - below the oven it is the same as the High and Mighty Eco

The Defra Approved and now Ecodesign 2022 approved High & MIghty stove is the same as the Fat Penguin but with an integral store stand for added height (911mm / 36" approx) and therefore a much bigger presence. It still has the side convection panels so that you get the benefit of both radiated and convected 5kW heat to quickly warm your living space and of course it still features a versatile glass fronted oven and top hot plate for cooking.

The High & Mighty's store stand (or plinth as Chilli Penguin like to call it) makes for a more user friendly stove since it raises both the height of the fire chamber and the primary and secondary combustion air controls to make it much easier to load fuel load and to access the controls. This plinth also allows you to site the stove on a 12mm non-combustible hearth if you don't have a constructional hearth. The convection panels mean that the stove's sides are much cooler in operation than a regular stove (like a very hot radiator) so that the High & Mighty will make a great safe choice when it is placed freestanding against a wall.

The High & Mighty's vermiculite lined fire chamber will easily accommodate 270mm (11" approx) logs and is also very efficient, delivering 79% efficiency for wood and 83% for smokeless coal, if that is your preferred fuel. Chilli Penguin's advanced combustion system which incorporates pre-heated tertiary air and secondary air wash, ensures that the High & Mighty can be precisely controlled to maximise fuel economy and maintain clean fire chamber walls and glass so that you always get a wonderfully uninterrupted view of the great looking flame patterns this stove produces.

The oven which operates at around the 140 to 180ºC mark when the fire has settled down will take a good sized casserole dish (up to 80mm deep) or a deep baking tray making it ideal for low and slow cooked dishes such as stews or roasts. The oven's internal size is 100mm high, 250mm wide and 220mm deep (4" x 10" x 10.5" approx). The top hot plate has safe space to heat a good sized saucepan or kettle and if you plan to do a lot of cooking on the hot plate we'd recommend the inexpensive drop-on stainless steel wipe clean cover plate option which some foods can also be directly cooked or warmed on. Other options include a clip-on stainless steel 1.4kW boiler for domestic hot water which can be ordered factory fitted or if you prefer you can easily retro fit this yourself at a later date.

There's also five inexpensive contemporary paint finishes to choose from which neatly contrast with the chrome handles and controls. Top or rear fitted flue choice (using the recommended optional rear adaptor) and a direct external air supply (DEAS) kit to complete the High & Mighty stove's generous offering.


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