The ST-X hybrid range incorporate the benefits of both heavy cast iron components and thick steel outer body which is up to 10mm thick. Available in three kW sizes and now also all available in our new taller options. They have amazing clean burn control and airwash for Ultra-Clean glass - We challenge any other stove brands to produce cleaner glass.

ST-X all come with top and rear flue options.All high efficiency, Ultra-Clean-Burning, optimised for wood burning, all supplied with multifuel grate as standard.

The result of thousands of hours of research and development at our dedicated solid fuel research centre in Dorset, England.All come with 5 year guarantee on the stove body.

All Saltfire 'ST-X' stoves share the same clean-burn technology. Not only have Saltfire engineers been hard at work reducing smoke emissions this past few years, 'ST' stoves also feature extremely low CO, NOx, particle and Hydro-Carbon emissions. This advanced Clean-Burn technology is a huge leap forward for wood burners.

ST-X stoves are ready to install, no assembly is required and come complete with high temperature mitt / glove.With thermo-ceramic clear glass from the industry-leading "Schott" brand in Germany.

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