The Fat Penguin Eco (Multi Fuel)

When something smaller just won't do - 5kW Wood Burning Stove with Oven

The original version of the Fat Penguin has now been discontinued, and replaced with an even more efficient Ecodesign version. Yes, really! 

The New Eco Approved Fat Penguin is essentially the same stove as the Hungry Penguin, apart from the addition of side convection panels which make it 'fatter' than the original by some 130mm (5" approx). These panels draw in cooler air at the base, warm it on the fire chamber sides and as it expands and rises the warm air then exits at the top vents to be gently convected around the living space so that you have the advantage of both radiated and convected heat. This makes the Fat Penguin a great choice as a free-standing stove in a larger than average well insulated room where you need some quick heat. The addition of the base heat shield also means that you can then place the stove on a 12mm non-combustible decorative hearth so there's no requirement for a constructional hearth and this, combined with the cooler side convection panels, allows you much greater flexibility on where the stove can be placed.

However, no doubt the main attraction of the Fat Penguin Stove for most people will be the practical glass fronted oven with its own door and, because it's wider than the Hungry Penguin, you also get a significantly bigger top hot plate for larger saucepans, both of which will provide a very useful cooking facility especially when there's a power cut or for off grid installations. There's an optional wipe clean drop on stainless steel hot plate if you're going to do a lot of cooking too. Also available is a 1.4kW stainless steel boiler option for supplying hot water which can be retro fitted or ordered factory fitted but please note when fitted it will invalidate the stove's Defra exemption status as the Fat Penguin has not been emissions tested in this configuration.

The British-made Fat Penguin features an advanced clean burn combustion system with pre-heated tertiary air for lower emissions and greater efficiency and a very effective secondary airwash for cleaner glass. Combustion air supply is precisely controlled from the two push / pull stainless steel primary and secondary air knobs at the base of the stove and there's also a useful booster control just above these for adding extra air for improved fire lighting or for when there's a poor updraught. As you'd expect from a modern stove, Chilli Penguin also give you the option of supplying the Fat Penguin's combustion air externally (DEAS) which not only makes it safer but will also help eliminate cold draughts.

The fire chamber is lined with vermiculite for added efficiency and will easily accommodate standard 10" logs. There's an open grate and ash pan, plus primary air control, for burning smokeless coal, should you ever need to. So all-in-all the Fat Penguin is both a practical and a versatile multi fuel stove and, when specified in one of six optional contemporary paint finishes (including traditional black), it will also make an extremely attractive focal point in any living space. Finally, if you're looking for a stove with a log store stand then please check out Chilli Penguin's High & Mighty stove which is essentially the Fat Penguin stove but with an integral log store (plinth).

Fat Penguin Stove Options
• Fat Penguin Plinth (Store Stand)
• Fat Penguin 1.4kW Integral 2-Port Stainless Steel Boiler – not retro fitted and not suitable for Smoke Control Areas
• Stainless Steel Hot Plate
• External Air Kit (DEAS)


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