Aga Ludlow Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

There are two versions of the 6.5kW Aga Ludlow – the standard multi fuel stove and the Defra Approved wood burning only variation, the Ludlow SE. Both models offer you the same premium quality all-cast iron construction with a pleasing blend of contemporary and traditional styling that has more than a hint of the Aga range cooker retro detailing in the subtle curved door profile and feature hinges. There's a good sized window which has been cleverly designed to conceal the fire fence so that all that you see is a window full of flame.

This multi fuel version of the Ludlow offers you three separate user-friendly controls for the combustion air which unusually includes one at the base of the fire chamber for the pre-heated tertiary air*. This allows you a level of independent control over every aspect of the combustion air supply with the ability to fine tune the flame pattern and fuel economy that's simply not available on most modern stoves. At the same time Aga's tried and tested Active Air Wash System will help to keep the glass clean even on long overnight burns. There's an external control for riddling the Ludlow's removable shaker grate and there's also Aga's distinctive cool to touch black wire door handle to add to the Ludlow's ease of use.

The Ludlow's 125mm diameter flue outlet is quite unusual for a 6.5kW heat output stove (typically it would be 150mm) and can be configured for top or rear installations. It is worth pointing out that Aga's installation instructions, for both the non-Defra and Defra models, clearly state that when using the top outlet, after the first length of 125mm flue pipe (maximum length recommended for the connecting flue pipe is 500mm), a 150mm increaser should be incorporated and thereafter 150mm flue liner must be used. When using the rear connection Aga advise using the increaser directly from the flue spigot to immediately increase the flue diameter to 150mm. This would over-rule the Building Regulations exemption for 125mm flue outlet Defra approved stoves, in this case the Ludlow SE, using the 125mm flue diameter throughout the system (although when it comes to insulated twin wall diameter Aga's instructions are actually a bit vague about this).

To sum up, the timeless Aga stylings of the 6.5kW medium output Ludlow will make an equally attractive choice for either a traditional or contemporary styled medium to large sized living space. With its large fire chamber easily handling logs up to 300mm (12") and the manufacturer's declared maximum heat output of 9.9kW, you can be confident that the Ludlow will also be more than capable of coping with the coldest of winter days to keep your home cosy and comfortable both day and night. The Aga badge, and the exceptional build quality and superior performance that goes with it, ensure that you'll be able to rely on this generous trouble-free heat for many years to come too.

*NB The separate tertiary air control is not available on the wood burning only Defra Exempt Ludlow SE model

Code 0013
Heat Output 8Kw
Efficiency 69%
Energy Efficiency Class  A
Width 454mm
Height 588mm
Depth 456mm
Weight 80Kg
Flue Diameter 125mm (5")
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
DEFRA Approved No
Eco Design Ready No
Cast Iron Or Steel Cast Iron
Distance To Combustibles
Side 700mm
Rear 700mm


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