26.10.17 We're not planting nearly enough trees

Posted on October 26, 2017
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If you think we've got loads then you'd be wrong according to the BBC's Reality Check which makes for some sober reading. In order to lock up carbon and meet our climate change targets we need to plant more trees, but last year for example, in England tree-planting fell to its lowest level since the 70s. The UK as a whole has only 13% tree cover compared to France with 31%, Italy with 32% and Germany with 33%. Individually in England it's only 10% and, my goodness, in Northern Ireland it's in single digits at just 8%. Wales and Scotland fare slightly better at 15% and 18% respectively. The Woodland Trust, the conservation charity, says that England which is cutting down more trees than it is planting may well be on the brink of deforestation so what does that say about Northern Ireland then? Campaigners say that the current unacceptably low level of tree planting is neither good for the economy or for the environment, which means it's also not good for you and me.

Source: BBC News – to read the whole article and find out what is and isn't happening with our tree planting please click here.

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