30.01.18 36% of NI's electricity generating capacity could go

Posted on January 30, 2018
Archive : January 2018
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Kilroot Power Station Carrickfergus is not your typical dirty old polluting coal fired power station, so it comes as a real shock that it might soon be forced to shut sooner than planned with the loss of some 200 jobs. Its dual coal and oil fuelled generators and additional gas turbines, which meet EU flue gas desulphurisation regulations and the National Plan Industrial Emissions Directive, generated nearly a quarter of all energy used in Northern Ireland in 2017. It is also estimated that the plant accounts for 36% of Northern Ireland's total electrical generation capacity so its demise will almost certainly leave a great big hole that's very difficult to fill. The recent decision not to award Kilroot any contracts for supply under the All-Island electricity capacity auction will mean that it is unlikely that it will be able to cover its fixed costs. The plant is likely to be forced to close this coming May, meaning that there could be real uncertainty about continuity of supply and a greater dependence on suppliers outside NI next winter.

Source: 4NI.co.uk – Daily Northern Ireland News. To read the complete 4NI story please click here.