16.08.17 Energy bill mistakes cost us over £100 million

Posted on August 16, 2017
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Not content with charging us the earth it seems that the energy companies are incapable of then correctly billing us. This is the findings from the latest consumer research from uSwitch, the online comparison and switching service. They found that in the last year almost 1.3 million of us have been over-charged by an average of £79 due to energy company mistakes – that's £102 million pounds of our money! To make matters worse when we complain it then takes an average of 35 days to get the money back – and many still haven't had a refund. Here's a list of the most common mistakes – so get checking.

28% Bill didn't match meter readings
26% Bill didn't actually add-up correctly
8% Wrong direct debit amount
7% Incorrect fees applied
5% Incorrect tariff or product details
5% Bill muddled up with someone else's

Source: uSwitch press release 16.08.17. To read the complete story please click here

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