by Richard Poulter April 02, 2021 2 min read

With the longer, warmer days finally on their way, at last it's time to dust down that rusty old barbie and head for the great outdoors to enjoy food as nature intended – al fresco, relaxed and informal. For lots of us this time of year also means an annual trip to buy a new barbecue because the old one just hasn't gone the distance. So why not consider a barbecue that's built to last. One that top chefs from all over the world cook on. One that's so practical and easy to use and cooks your meat so well that you'll just want to cook on it all-year round. In that case, there's really only one choice...

The Big Green Egg is just such a barbecue and is justifiably famed for providing the ultimate barbecue cooking experience. Ask Bangor's award-winning Boat House Restaurant who cook on one. The Egg is more than a barbecue too – you can also use it as a pizza oven and even cook bread in it. In fact, it's a comprehensive outdoor cooking system and, with its lifetime guarantee, it's no wonder that over the years the Egg has won thousands of fans and admirers. Many of whom own two or more.

Some of the Big Green Egg's biggest fans are here in Newtownards. So if you want to find out more about the Big Green Egg and why it's in a different league from your average BBQ then head straight to The Stove Yard. They have a huge display of all the different Eggs and every Saturday morning they'll be cooking away on one (free food!) and when they get home they'll probably cook on an Egg over the weekend as well. With a variety of sizes available, there is a Big Green Egg for everyone, including a small version for camping, caravanning or boating.

Once you've seen the Big Green Egg in action and experienced the taste sensation it delivers, maybe then you'll have to admit that your old barbecue has finally had its time in the sun. The Big Green Egg – probably the only barbecue you'll ever need to buy.

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