20.03.16 Sunday Steaks

We fired up the Big Green Egg for a Cote de Boeuf and a few Ribeye steaks. We thought we'd mix it up ever so slightly and cook one directly on the coals, a so called 'dirty steak'. 

Cote De Boeuf (aka Rib Steak)

A Cote de Boeuf is a ribeye steak with the bone still attached. They normally come in thick cuts (2”+) so require a bit of extra care to cook to perfection.

The best way to cook large pieces of meat is the reverse sear – low and slow at the start and finish off with a sear. This ensures a uniform colour through the meat with gorgeous and delicious crust.

For the best Cote de Boeuf money can buy, we recommend the Himalayan salt-aged Cote De Boeuf from Hannan Meants ( www.themeatmercent.com)

• Season the meat generously with rock salt and pepper at least 1 hour before cooking, but preferably overnight.
• Set up your Big Green Egg to 100oC with the plate setter in.
• Once a stable temperature is maintained, put the steak on the Egg. Cook for around 1 hour or until the internal temperature beside the bone is 45oC.
• Remove the steak and wrap with foil to keep warm. Add more charcoal to the Egg if necessary, attach the cast iron searing grill and bring the egg to around 350oC.
• Remove the steak from the foil and drizzle on all sides with olive oil.
• Place the steak on the cast iron grill and close the lid. Sear for around 1 min on all 4 sides, until dark and the fat almost caramelised.
• Take the steak off the grill and leave to rest for 6-8 mins. You should have a uniform perfect pink all the way through, with thin dark seared band around the edge!

Dirty Steak

A dirty steak is an unusual method of searing steak directly on hot coals. This method will impart a unique flavour to the steaks and keep them very juicy. This works best for thinner steaks (less than 2”) and for people who like their steaks rare or medium-rare. You’ll want to make sure you use the official Big Green Egg Organic Lumpwood Charcoal – anything else could be packed with chemicals and will ruin your steaks.

• Season your steaks with rock salt and pepper at least 1 hour before cooking.
• Light your Big Green Egg and get the temperature to around 300oC. You’ll want a nice even bed of white hot coals.
• Drizzle your steaks with olive oil and place as flat as possible on to the hot coals. Close lid and wait for 2-3 mins (depending on thickness of steak) before opening and turning.
• After 2-3 mins on each side remove the steaks the Egg and wipe off any dust or charcoal.
• Wrap in foil, leave to rest for 5 mins then dig in!