Stove Installation Regulations

Installation Regulations

You must ensure that your stove is installed by a recognised competent person who is appropriately qualified in the installation of stoves and that the installation complies with all local, national and European building regulations.

In the UK The Stove Yard strongly recommend using a Hetas registered installer ( and in Ireland a registered installer from INFO - the Irish Nationwide Fireplace Organisation ( In the UK installations of wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves, even if only a simple stove replacement in an existing flue system, are subject to the requirements of local building regulations and by law are notifiable to your local authority Building Control department. Once the appropriate fee has been paid and the installation is inspected, the Building Control Officer will issue the appropriate compliance certificate. Hetas registered installers can self-certicate their work thus avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming building notice applications. Please note that it is a requirement by some building insurance companies to inform them of the installation of a new fixed heating appliance and a relevant certificate of compliance produced. During the installation of your stove and any related building works, as the householder, you must also comply with any current Health & Safety at Work regulations.

For further information please consult the relevant building regulations, some of which which you can download below:

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BFCMA Installation Guidelines

The British Flue & Chimney Manufacturers Association installation guidelines for wood burning and multi-fuel appliances.

BFCMA General Guidelines

The British Flue & Chimney Manufacturers Association general guidelines for wood burning and multi-fuel appliances.

England & Wales

Building Regulations Document J 2010 Edition United Kingdom
Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems PDF


Building Standards (2001) Domestic

Scottish Building Regulations PDF

Northern Ireland

The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000 / Amendment 2006 / Amendment No 2 2006 / October 2012

Building Regulations 2012 Document Northern Ireland PDF

Other Information Points

For additional useful information and links to the government websites above, including informative downloads, visit The Solid Fuel Technology Institute website

The Solid Fuel Association website is also a very good source of practical information and downloads

The new British Flue and Chimney Manufacturers Association website (BFCMA) at has a wealth of user friendly and authoritative information, including their guide to stoves and flue systems, which presents the industry's definitive interpretation of Building Regulations Document J when it comes to flues and chimneys for stoves.