Summum 140 T Gas Fire

Element4 Summum 140 T Super-Wide Double-Sided Gas Fire

The Summum 140 T is a super-wide landscape format double-sided see-through gas fire, also known as a 'tunnel', hence the T designation in the model number. In this case the tunnel is some 380mm deep – plenty of room for the spectacular log burning-effect flames to make a great visual impression on both living spaces. The 140 T's narrow footprint also means that any purpose-made housing, whether it's a room dividing wall or double-sided chimney breast island (like the one in our photograph), isn't going to substantially eat into your living space. The generous heat output will also deliver you a substantial 8.7kW of heat to each side and because of the Summum 140 T's superior controllability this can be reduced to as little as 1.1kW, whilst still maintaining a wonderful flame picture.

The flexible heat range of 2.2kW to 17.4kW is made possible because of Element4's advanced Real Flame burner technology which provides a series of five strategically angled and overlapping gas burners covering the full 1400mm width fuel bed and which can be fired in various combinations. The Real Flame system also incorporates special LED lighting effects, which together with the lifelike ceramic wood logs, create an exceptionally realistic fire bed and flame pattern which is always beautiful to look at, even on a low setting. All of this is controlled via Element4's E-Save remote which comes as standard. With superior control and A-rated efficiency of 89% the Summum 140 T will not only be stunning looking but will also be extremely practical to live with.

Why limit yourself? The Summum 140 T also offers homeowners complete installation flexibility when it is specified with Element4's optional PowerFan system – especially important with a double-sided gas fire. The PowerFan allows the fire to be positioned almost anywhere in the home, including in the middle of a large open plan living space, subject to building regulations. With the PowerFan you can extend the Summum's balanced flue system up to 36 metres away from an external wall, and of course with the Summum being a balanced flue gas fire, you don't even need a chimney. To ensure completely safe operation the PowerFan regulates the correct supply of incoming combustion air whilst at the same time ensuring there's a sufficient opposite flow of harmful combustion gases without ever diminishing the Summum 140 T's performance.

You can also enhance the Summum 140 T's great looks with the anti-reflection glass option. This will minimise unwanted glare and reflections to make the glass virtually invisible so that, combined with the minimal frameless design, all you really see is the log-effect fire. The ProControl app option will allow you to manage the Summum 140 T with your smart phone or tablet and if you have one, there is also the option to be able to link the Summum to your home's automation system. Please specify either natural gas or LPG operation.

Installing the Summum 140 T

Please refer to the dimensional drawings for comprehensive measurements and, of course, as authorised Element4 dealers The Stove Yard will be happy to provide specifiers of the Summum 140 T with the information and technical expertise to ensure its efficient and safe installation. Alternatively, The Stove Yard can arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer, who is experienced in installing Element4 gas appliances, to fit your Summum 140 T for you.


Key Facts

Summum 140 T

Burner(s): Real Flame Burner L LED
Type of fireplace: Gas fires
Net natural gas capacity (min-max) G25: 2,2 - 17,4 kW
Net natural gas capacity (min-max) G20: 2,2 - 18,2 kW
Net propane capacity (min-max) G31: 2,2 - 19,0 kW
Efficiency: 89%
Black steel: (Standard)
Black glass: (Optional)
Remote control: (Standard)
Puck: (Optional)
Operation via app: (Optional)
Connect to home automation: (Optional)
Powerfan: (Optional)
Anti-reflective glass: (Optional)
Control panel: (Optional)
Convection schedule (s): (Optional)
Wall switch: (Optional)







Burner System for the Summum 140 T Gas Fire

REAL FLAME BURNER L LED  With the Real Flame Burner you are assured of an extremely realistic fire image. The special LED light fire bed provides a lifelike effect. In combination with the true-to-nature logs, this creates a beautiful wood fire.



Element4 is the responsible fireplace company

With the multi-burner system and the eco-mode, you can enjoy your fireplace as a room heater and know that you are being as efficient as possible. Why use more gas than you need to? Why heat your whole house if you don’t have to? Area heating with great design, from a company that considers environmental issues. Some companies are ok to send the heat outside – not Element4 they are responsible when it comes to OUR environment.


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