Morso 1010


There are currently three versions of the famous cast iron Morsø Squirrel stove available – the 1412 multi fuel, the taller 1442 multi fuel convector and now the latest Morso Squirrel 1010 wood burning only model. Since the Morso Squirrel 1010 doesn't need a multi fuel grate, ash pan and external riddler or convection side panels it has the lowest price of the three Squirrel models and truly represents exceptional value, especially for such an all-time classic workhorse.

With the Morso Squirrel 1010 you still get the exceptional Danish build quality and iconic deep-moulded Squirrel motifs on the sides along with the outstanding tried and tested performance that have made the Morsø Squirrel the most popular stove in Britain for over four decades. On the outside its industrial chick styling is essentially the same as it ever was but internally it's a very different stove and very little of the original combustion system now remains. What you get today is a highly effective 4.9kW output wood burner that is incredibly cleaner burning than ever before so that it more than meets the tough ultra low emissions standards required by the 2022 Ecodesign regulations. It's also approved for Defra smoke exemption allowing you to legally burn seasoned wood logs in a Smoke Control Area (most UK urban areas).

The compact all-cast iron Morso Squirrel 1010 weighs around 65kg and has a perfectly acceptable A-rated energy efficiency of 79%. It has two conventional independent combustion air control knobs on the front which will allow you to precisely manage the flame pattern and fuel consumption. The lower primary boost air control helps maximise the air flow for much quicker starts. As you'd expect the large window is airwashed and since the Squirrel 1010 has been designed and tested to burn wood only it features a flat fire chamber floor. The Morso Squirrel 1010 is also suitable for installation on a 12mm decorative hearth and either a top or rear flue can be used. The standard 100mm leg can be upgraded with either the taller 150mm or 250mm leg options. As with all Morsø stoves there's a chunky well considered cool touch handle to make it very easy to access the vermiculite insulated fire chamber which will comfortably handle good-sized logs of up to 280mm (11") long.

To sum up, in The Stove Yard's view you simply can't go wrong with the Morso Squirrel 1010 because it's just a hugely reliable, really great little stove that's more than capable of effortlessly heating most living rooms. If you're looking for a pure wood burning only stove then the Squirrel 1010 is going to be very hard to beat.

NB The new Morso Squirrel 1010 should be available during September.



Morso Squirrel 1010 Key Facts

Brand    Morso
Model   Morso Squirrel 1010 Wood Burning Stove
Construction Cast iron door and bodywork
Heat output nominal 4.9kW  4.9kW
Output range 3.0kW to 6.5kW (estimate) depending on fuel load
Efficiency 79.00%
ErP Energy Rating A
Defra Approved Yes
Fuel Seasoned wood logs (less than 20% moisture content)
Airwash Yes
Air Controls Two controls for primary boost and secondary air
Flue Outlet                                                Top or Rear
Flue Diameter                                          125mm / 5"
Grate Type                                          Flat bed
Guarantee                                                10 Years
Maximum Log Length            280mm / 11" approx
Standard Colour                        Traditional Matt Black
Optional Finishes                                    None
Options  Choice of higher legs:  150mm or 250mm
Weight                                                     65kg 
Air Vent Required                                    Not usually in pre-2008 homes (Subject to Building Regs)
Suitable for 12mm hearth    Yes, subject to Building Regs
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS)                      Not available
Overall Dimensions mm                  H548  W388  D438
Combustible Distances                    Sides 500mm  Rear 175mm

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