Morsø Moisture Meter

It’s always a special feeling getting a new load of logs for firewood for the woodshed. It gives a certain pleasure to be able to keep the house warm through the winter – and the same feeling must have been shared by our forefathers. Firewood needs to be stored at least a year after the felling, and the faster it is split, the faster it dries. To get the most efficient and environmentally friendly combustion, it is recommended to use a moisture meter. The moisture percentage in the firewood should not exceed 18. The electronic moisture meter from Morsø ensures that you will not be using unseasoned firewood. The moisture meter is easy to use and makes sure that you get the most out of your stove. Just insert the meter tip into the long side of the wood. Check more pieces of wood to ensure the correct result. Have fun – and at the same time a good feeling and conscience.

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