Foxworthy Eco Stove


The Foxworthy Eco is exactly the same 5.0kW stove at the Dartmoor 5 Eco but comes in low and high leg versions as well as a choice of wood burner or multi fuel stove. The Foxworthy Eco Low has integral 200mm high legs to give it an overall height of 690mm, some 150mm taller than the Dartmoor 5. The Foxworthy High, with its 300mm legs, has an impressive height of 790mm. Both versions are Defra approved and meet the exacting low emissions standards of ClearSkies Level 5 (the highest rating) which makes its emissions credentials significantly lower than the tough requirements of the new Ecodesign Regulation. The Foxworthy Eco has an A+ rated UK tested efficiency of 82.1% and its clean burn combustion system incorporates a powerful airwash to ensure combustion of any particulates that land on the glass.

The Foxworthy Eco is from the Dean Stoves Dartmoor range and features the same tasteful traditional design details such as the shaped door handle mounting, raised robust hinges and a distinctive primary air control knob. There are two more discreet combustion air controls on the right hand side wall to enable you to fine tune flame height and heat output whether you're burning wood or coal. The Foxworthy is hand built in Devon from premium quality plate steel and incorporates a fine British cast iron door with embossed logo and a large window. The wood burning version of the Foxworthy has a vermiculite lined fire chamber and a long-lasting 8mm thick plate steel bed while the multi fuel version has an additional cast iron riddling grate with separate ash pan for easy cleaning.

All Foxworthy models feature an extra heat shield on the base as well as a rear heat shield to deliver markedly reduced distances to combustable materials. For tight brick or stone built fireplace openings the Foxworthy can be safely installed with just a 50mm air gap at the sides and rear. This is half the minimum distance usually required. The Foxworthy Eco can also be installed on a 12mm decorative non-combustible hearth. When using the rear flue option Dean Stoves also offer a sweep-through rear flue adaptor option called the Back Box which reduces the space you would typically need at the rear of the stove for a T-piece or swept bend.

To sum up, as you'd expect from this established British manufacturer – they've been going for over a half a century, everything about the Foxworthy from build quality to performance is exceptional. There's no doubt that it could make a big difference to the cost of heating your home as well as provide a warm and welcoming focal point. The Foxworthy Eco carries a five-year manufacturer's warranty. You should also check out the 135mm wider Huccaby Eco high leg model.


Foxworthy Eco Low – Wood Burner 690mm high
Foxworthy Eco Low – Multi Fuel Stove 690mm high
Foxworthy Eco High – Wood Burner 790mm high
Foxworthy Eco High – Multi Fuel Stove 790mm high

NB The Dartmoor 5 Eco is 540mm high





Heat output  nominal 5.0kW
Output range  

3.0kW to 7.0kW depending on fuel load (estimate)

Efficiency                           82.1%% Wood / 80.7% Smokeless Coal
ErP Energy Rating                           A+ Wood / A+ Smokeless Coal
Defra Approved                                  Yes
ClearSkies  ClearSkiesLevel 5 (the highest Level)
Fuel                                                    Seasoned wood logs / Approved smokeless coal
Airwash                                                Yes
Air Controls                                         

Three separate controls (Primary Boost, Secondary Airwash

and Tertiary Air)

Construction                                          British cast iron door and premium quality steel bodywork
Flue Outlet                                             Top or Rear 
Flue Diameter                                    125mm  / 5"
Grate Type                                           

Wood burner has flat bed / MF model has multi fuel          riddle grate with ash pan

Guarantee                                              5 Years
Maximum Log Length                         280mm (11") x 100mm (4") diameter
Standard Colour                          Matt Black
Optional Finishes                            8 designer colours including Grey, Charcoal, Champagne and Mushroom
Options                                        High and Low leg options
Wood burning or multi fuel model options
Stainless steel handle
                                                    Retro fit multi fuel kit (for wood burning only model)
                                                    Back Box – space saving 180mm deep rear flue adaptor
Weight                                              N/A
Air Vent Required                                Not usually in pre-2008 homes (Subject to Building Regs)
Suitable for 12mm hearth                       Yes 
Direct External Air Inlet (DEAS)         No
Overall Dimensions mm                       Low Model: H690  W430  D315 (with handle 375)
High Model: H790  W430  D315 (with handle 375)
Combustible Distances mm                   Sides 550  Rear 150



Dean Stoves Foxworthy Eco Download Files:

Foxworthy Eco Stove Operational Instructions

Dean Stoves Brochure


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