Charnwood Stove Pod (for Aire 3 only)

Charnwood's Stove Pod is a purpose-made wraparound stove heat shielding enclosure for off-grid applications which makes stove installation so much easier by removing most of the work of constructing individual heat shields as well as ensuring that safe distances to combustible materials in temporary (usually highly combustible) buildings and structures are maintained. Apart from that the Stove Pod and Aire 3 combination is a really good looking and highly efficient addition to the ever-growing and sophisticated choice off-gridders now have to sustainably heat their hideaways. Seriously, forget those leaky, uncontrollable cheap and nasty Chinese stoves and install something that’s been specifically designed for the job by people who really know about stoves, after all they’ve been making the best of them here in Britain getting on for nearly half a century.

They might be a bit late to the market, but when you consider how well-thought out Charnwood’s Stove Pod concept is then you’d have to say that it’s been well worth the wait for what, by any standards, is an exceptional and eminently practical product. When put together with the 86% efficient low emissions Ecodesign and Defra approved Aire 3 with store stand option you get a tastefully integrated 'plug in and play' heating solution that also provides you with a bonus cooking facility. The standard Stove Pod premium plate steel construction comes powder-coated in black but you can upgrade this finish to one of Charnwood’s plain or gloriously patterned Vlaze wipe clean enamel finishes along with a choice of 8 different painted colours for the stove itself. A luxurious must-have option for glampers and up-market garden offices.

The Aire 3’s large, above-average sized, picture window gives you what most people want from a stove – a great view of the wonderfully welcoming flame patterns which you know that with any Charnwood stove are always going to be impressive. The stove’s single push-pull control also makes heat management very easy, even for stove novices. With the Aire 3’s totally controllable heat output range starting at a lowly 1.5kW and going up to a generous 5.0kW this is another reason that it and the Charnwood Stove Pod combination should make a great choice for the small spaces associated with yurts, sheds, cabins, shepherds huts and garden offices.

The Charnwood Stove Pod can be easily positioned on any level hard surface without the need for any additional construction to create a neat non-combustible protective enclosure that you know is not only safe but will also provide you with something that’s practical and pleasing to use and look at.

For comprehensive information on the Charnwood Aire 3 wood burning stove please click here.


Stove Pod Specifications and Drawings Pdf

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