Brogan 5kW Eco Stove

The newly launched Hi-Flame Brogan 5kW Ecodesign Stove comes with a range of fantastic options to suit your needs. You can choose from three different styles: the short leg option, the long leg option, or the logstore option.  Each of which come with a direct air kit as standard.

Much like its counterpart, the Graphite 5 Ecodesign Stove, the Hi-Flame Brogan 5kW also excels in every aspect, making it a top choice in terms of value. Comparing the weight and build quality of this to any stove in its category and you will compare quickly the build quality difference.  To borrow a terminology from our Danish friends who specialise in heat storage stoves - The heavier the stove the greater the heat storage.  (91kgs Standard Net weight - 99kg net for the logstore version).

Distinguishing itself from ordinary other stoves, the Hi-Flame Brogan 5kW features two remarkable innovations. The first is the pre-heated tertiary air supply, which is channeled through jets in the robust cast iron back-plate. This clever design ensures that the fire chamber remains hot for extended periods, resulting in incredibly clean burning and a glass that stays clear, even throughout the burn cycle.

Furthermore, the stove incorporates a unique 'Heat Conveyor' system, a first among compact stoves. This ingenious feature efficiently circulates the abundant 5kW heat output throughout your room, ensuring swift and widespread warmth. The precise air control further enhances your ability to manage the stove's performance according to your preferences.

Crafted with superior build quality, including premium cast iron and thicker-than-average steel bodywork, the Hi-Flame Brogan 5kW Ecodesign Stove offers exceptional durability. Its stay-cool door handle and multi-fuel grate add to the convenience and versatility of this classic-styled masterpiece.


• Suitable for 12mm hearths, adhering to Building Regulations • Accommodates logs up to 250mm (10") in size • Pre-2008 homes can use the stove without an air brick (subject to Building Regs) • Clean-burn pre-heated tertiary air system maximizes efficiency • Pre-heated Airwash System keeps the glass cleaner for longer • Adjustable feet for uneven hearths, ensuring stability • User-friendly clamp-tight stay-cool door handle • Offers top or rear 125mm (5") flue options for flexible installation • Robot-welded premium thick steel bodywork, including a 10mm thick lid, for outstanding durability • Longer lasting finest quality cast iron door and tertiary air back-plate • Comes with a Five-Year Extended Warranty from one of the world's leading stove-makers


  • Standard Leg Option
  • Long Leg Option
  • Logstore Option

In conclusion, the Hi-Flame Brogan 5kW Ecodesign Stove stands as an extraordinary choice, combining elegance, efficiency, and advanced features to enhance your heating experience.

Output 5kW
Efficiency 76.2% (Net)
Airwash System Pre-heated
Construction Steel & Cast Iron
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
Flue Size 125mm/5"
Flue Type Open
Grate Type Multi-fuel
Guarantee 5 Years
Defra Approved Yes
Ecodesign 2022 Yes
Additional Finishes None
Ideal Log Length 250
Weight -
Air Vent Required No
Direct Air Yes (Secondary and Tertiary only)



Hi-Flame Brogan 5kW Eco Stove Stand Leg Dimensions

Hi-Flame Brogan 5kW Eco Stove Long Leg Dimensions

Hi-Flame Brogan 5kW Eco Stove Log Store Dimensions



Hi-Flame Brogan 5kW Eco Stove Video coming soon



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