Vlaze vitreous enamel inset stove surrounds are made to measure in one piece and are designed specifically to help prevent the cracking and discolouration of the surrounding wall sometimes associated with the heat coming from these type of stove installations. A Vlaze inset stove surround will not fade, crack or warp when subjected to the heat from normal stove operation and are guaranteed for 10 years.

The vitreous enamelled panel has softly curved edges including around the inside of the aperture. The big advantage with Vlaze is that you're not restricted by standard sizes so that your inset heat shielding can be virtually any size that you want – even the full width of the chimney breast. It can be created with any aperture shape and dimensions with the overall panel size perfectly proportioned for your space and stove shape. Importantly you can also specify a matching Vlaze hearth plate (still a building regulations requirement even with a wall mounted inset stove) to limit the visual disruption caused by too many changes in materials,colours and textures which can be caused by other solutions.

There's the same wide choice of colours and finishes that you get on the standard wall mounted heat shielding (34 at the last count) and again installation is quick and simple making Vlaze a highly cost-effective and practical wipe-clean choice.

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