Big Green Egg

The ultimate cooking experience

Northern Ireland's only authorised Big Green Egg retailer

If there's one thing we love here at The Stove Yard as much as wood burning stoves, it would have to be food. We class ourselves as both eating and cooking enthusiasts, and this is why we love the Big Green Egg. To have such a simple-to-use device consistently giving great returns on food quality is incredible, and it continues to amaze us how capable these kamado ovens are.

There are many types of kamado ovens around; some are cheaper, some come in different colours or others have a larger range of accessories but none are as supported and valued as Big Green Egg. There are entire festivals set up around celebrating the Big Green Egg and several top restaurants have also jumped on board, installing them in their kitchens (including here in Northern Ireland). Along with the brand support and plethora of gear available they are also universally known for the quality of the ceramics used, and this is highlighted by the lifetime ceramics warranty that comes with all sizes of Big Green Egg.

Every Saturday in the Newtownards showroom the XL is fired up and breakfast is cooked for the team (and anyone else who comes in!), throughout the year we'll also experiment with various cooking methods and recipes to see how it turns out. Updates of our tasty adventures can be found on facebook and photos are added to the gallery section so you can always keep an eye on how we fared. We are also happy to set up live demonstrations on request (provided a suitable lead time is given!). So if you enjoy grilling, baking, smoking or just regular barbecuing we thoroughly recommend taking a look at the Big Green Egg, you won't be disappointed!

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