WIKING Miro 6 with tile cover

As something new WIKING Miro 6 is also available with a tile cover which is a decorative and exclusive cover for this model.

The tiles have a smooth surface and a fine structure with delicate shades of colour.

The WIKING Miro 6 is designed with a heat storage compartment. The compartment can be filled with heat-storing stone with a special ability to store heat from the wood-burning stove.

Energy efficiency class WIKING®Automatic™

Operating range
3-8 kW
Nominal output
4,9 kW
Net efficiency
78 %
Flue outlet Ø
150 mm
Combustion chamber width front/rear
35/32 cm
Chimney draught, min
12 Pa
Connection from floor to top outlet
97 cm
Distance to combustible material

10/31 cm
Distance from furniture, front
90 cm
If placed in corner, 45º
10 cm

Weight with tile cover
143 kg
Weight, heat retaining stones
34 kg

  • EN 13240 (Europe)
  • NS 3058/3059 (Norway)
  • Art. 15a (Austria)
  • RLU/DIBt (Germany)
  • DEFRA (England)
  • HETAS (England)
  • Smoke outlet: top or back
  • Combustion air system is available

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