WIKING Mini 4 with Wood Store

The WIKING Mini 4 with Wood Store was developed during Lockdown when the Designers and Engineers in the WIKING division of HWAM had been taking on board customer feedback and also prioritising UK and Irish consumer trends and styles.  We are proud to be the first partner to launch the Brand new for May 2021 the WIKING Mini 4 with Wood Store, the newest and in our opinion soon to be the most popular member of the WIKING family.

WIKING Mini 4 offers two beautiful variants – the WIKING Mini 4 with Wood Store version and also a version with a lower door to conceal the storage compartment below.

WIKING have made no compromise on either burn technique, quality or environmental standards with not only HETAS and DEFRA approvals but also The EcoDesign 2022.

  • Flue outlet top or rear
  • Colour: black or grey
  • Combustion air kit (rear/floor connection, (Ø100mm), when fitted with plinth, air can only be taken through the floor.
  • Wood store or lower door
Energy efficiency class WIKING® Automatic™ A+
Operating range 3-7 kW
Nominal output 4,5 kW
Net efficiency 83% 83%
Flue outlet, Ø 125 or Ø 150 mm 5"/6"
Combustion chamber width front/rear 35/32 cm
Chimney draught, min. 12 Pa
Connection from floor to topoutlet 74,4 cm
Distance to combustible material
Rear/Side 12,5/32,5 cm
Distance from furniture, front 100 cm
If placed in corner, 45º 7,5 cm
Above combustible flooring 22 cm
Weight with wood store 84 kg
  • EN 13240 (Europe)
  • NS 3058/3059 (Norway)
  • The stove annoncement 2018 /Denmark
  • Art. 15a (Austria)
  • DEFRA (England)
  • HETAS (England)
  • EcoDesign 2022 (EU) - WIKING® Automatic™
    See schedule here (EN)


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