WIKING Mini 2 with Short legs


The Defra approved 4.5kW Wiking Mini 2 wood burning stove is by far The Stove Yard's best selling stove. It is available in a choice of heights with low profile plinth, low legs or high legs and, with the optional kit, can even be wall mounted, all of which have added to its popularity. The discreet Wiking Mini 2 with Short Legs version will increase the Mini 2's height by just some 44mm over the plinth version with the stocky legs providing a subtle nod to traditional stove styling which many of our customers prefer. Having said that, the Wiking Mini 2 with Short legs has clean, almost neutral contemporary lines and a really big picture window (one of the biggest on a stove of this heat output) which will ensure that it will be a wood burner that's going to look great in any fireplace setting – since most of what you'll see is flames. Again, another reason it's so sought after.

The Wiking Mini 2 with Short Legs also represents excellent value for money when compared to the competition. Its superb design with the Dane's renowned attention to detail and their exemplary build quality features just about everything you could want from a stove. Highly efficient (83%) state-of-the-art clean burning combustion that produces emissions that are significantly below the tough 2022 Ecodesign regulation requirements are combined with incredibly easy single control operation. The Wiking Mini 2 with Short Legs also incorporates as standard the fool-proof patented Wiking Automatic system for easy operation. This automatically regulates the supply of combustion air inside the fire chamber for quicker lighting and more economic, environmentally friendly operation, even at the end of the burn cycle. You can still set your ideal comfort level and flame pattern with the simple slider control just below the cast iron door. With the Wiking Mini 2 with Short Legs you also get Wiking's superior airwash which circulates pre-heated air to wash the big glass area clean from the top as well as from both sides.

Another great feature of the Mini 2 is the unique balanced door closing mechanism which ensures a safe and secure airtight seal every time with the minimum of effort. For low energy homes there's also modestly priced optional direct external air supply (DEAS) capability with the inlet being located either at the rear or base of the stove for greater installation flexibility. Parent company Hwam have been at the forefront of wood burning stove development for nearly half a century with their feature packed entry-level Wiking brand going from strength to strength. Virtually all of Hwam's premium features are incorporated into a Wiking and for a remarkably low price too. The Wiking Mini 2 model is no exception – in our opinion it would be hard to get a better, more efficient stove for twice the money, no matter what badge was on it. If you're looking for a compact, truly reliable and future proof log burner then you'd have to seriously consider our best-selling Wiking Mini 2 with Short Legs.


Wiking Mini 2 with Short Legs Key Facts

Brand: Wiking
Model Wiking Mini 2 with Short Legs
Nominal Heat Output:    4.5kW
Heat Output Range:   3.0kW to 7.0kW
Efficiency (Net):   A+ rated 83.0% (wood) 
ErP Energy Rating A+
Defra Smoke Exempt:   Yes
Fuel:   Seasoned wood logs (less than 20% moisture content)
Airwash:   Yes – top and left and right hand sides
Air Controls:   

Wiking Automatic system plus secondary air control

Construction: Cast iron door and fire chamber base with steel bodywork
Flue Outlet:    Top or Rear (optional blanking plate required when using rear flue)
Flue Diameter 125mm / 5" (or 150mm / 6" – please specify)
Grate Type Flat bed with open / close centre grate and ash pan
Guarantee:    5 Years
Maximum Log Length 280mm / 11" approx
Standard Colour

Matt black

Optional Finishes:   Grey

Choice of plinth, high legs or wall mounted

Direct external air supply system (aka 'Fresh Air System')

Top flue outlet blanking plate

Net Weight:   72.1kg
Recommended Log Length (mm):  275 (11") 275 (11")
Air vent required:    Not usually in pre-2008 houses
Suitable for 12mm Hearth:   No
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS):  100mm dia (rear or base)
Overall Dimensions:  H608  W468  D356
Minimum Combustible Distances (mm):   Sides 325  Rear 125  


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