Vortex Cub Firepit

The design of the Vortex firepit eliminates almost all smoke. A traditional firepit will produce significant quantities of smoke so that users need to move upwind during use and change their clothes after use. The clever secondary airwash of the Vortex firepit takes air from the bottom of the firepit, heats it and then injects it into the top of the combustion chamber. This injection of oxygen allows the flame to burn much hotter and cleaner allowing you to say goodbye to smoke!

The Vortex Cub is our 350mm firepit suitable for up to 4 people

Size 350mm external diameter | 350mm high
Logs Up to 225mm
Includes Grate, ashpan, stand and glove
RRP £249

Weathering Steel Construction

Weathering steel, also referred to as Corten steel, oxidises to form a protective layer on its surface under the influence of the weather. Unlike other steels this corrosion-retarding layer protects the steel from degradation. Even stainless steel will tarnish with the heat and loose it’s shiny new look quickly. So you can rest assured that not only will your firepit fire be safe to leave outside, but that it will look even better over time.

Revolutionary Design

The revolutionary design of the Earth Fires firepit eliminates almost all smoke and offers 360° heating creating amazing outdoor experiences. 


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