Traeger Timberline 850


The Traeger Timberline 850 has a relatively small footprint compared to other Traeger grills, yet still offers you just over 6 square feet of flexible cooking space across its adjustable and removable 3-tier grill grate system. That's enough for 9 whole chickens. Traeger's TRU Convection, Downdraught Exhaust  and Super Smoke technology ensures that wherever you place your food it will cook evenly and consistently with all of the subtle wood-fired smoke flavour that have made Traeger the number one choice for American outdoor grillers.

Heavy gauge double insulated steel wall construction with easy-clean stainless steel inner walls means that the Timberline 850 will maintain a steady temperature in all weather conditions and for total convenience Traeger Wifire connectivity will allow you to set and monitor the grill temperature, as well as the pellet level, from indoors or from anywhere there's a wifi signal thus allowing you to get on with your day or spend more time with your guests. The 75ºC keep warm mode let's you stall cooking and take a break or prepare your food early so it's ready and waiting just when you want to serve it.


Traeger are quite rightly renowned for their excellent robust construction, their premium materials and their top quality components as well as being at the forefront of outdoor grilling technology. However, for their many fans it's the Traeger Grill's supreme ease of use that everyone happily raves about. Convenience is at the heart of everything that Traeger does and with the Timberline 850 it just doesn't get any better. Flame never touches the food. Instead a unique vortex of indirect convected heat and subtle blue smoke makes the grilling, searing and smoking of any type of meat, fish or vegetables a total breeze. There's never any chance of a dangerous flare up either since grease and food drippings fall directly onto an all-over stainless steel drip tray which channels them to safety.

Getting the grill up to temperature is 20% faster all thanks to the Timberline 850's TRU Convection System and once it gets there, the D2 direct drivetrain will always deliver the precise pellet count into the firepot to ensure that this temperature never varies until you decide to change it. This combination delivers you a versatility, ease and consistency that no other grills come close to and will make you want to use your grill more often. You can also barbecue, bake, roast and braise. The stainless steel side shelf with tool hooks and the full width front shelf make for an ideal work station and along with the 3-tier grates you'll have plenty of prepping and cooking space to rustle up a full-sized feast.


There's an easy read LCD digital controller which displays the grill and internal meat temperature via the integrated probe and other important information such as the pellet level which will allow you to manually adjust the desired grill temperature in small increments, just like your microwave. The beauty about the Timberline 850 is that this can also be handled via the Traeger App from your smartphone or tablet. The Traeger App has some 1500 specially created recipes that will allow you to automate this too with its custom cook cycles. All you do is simply choose a recipe, download it to the controller and the grill will manage the entire process for you.

If you're looking for a grill and smoker that's incredibly easy to use, involves the minimum of maintenance and one that will always deliver consistent temperatures for even cooking across the complete grill area and won't burn food then the Traeger Timberline 850 is definitely the one for you. You'll never want to use gas or charcoal again. Delicious outdoor food packed full of flavour and cooked to perfection at the push of a button is all part of the Traeger Timberline package – and so is the legendary back-up.

Traeger themselves produce really excellent videos from exactly how to assemble your grill, how to maintain it and how to trouble-shoot problems as well as tips on how to get the best from it whatever you're cooking. All of this is complemented by the Traeger dealer network and fan base who are also continuously producing a myriad of 'how to' videos many by famous chefs and grillers.

  • Highly insulated for efficient and consistent all-weather cooking
  • Grill, sear, smoke, bake, roast, braise and barbecue for total versatility
  • Hot and fast or slow and low 3-tier stainless steel adjustable grill grates for maximum versatility
  • Traeger hopper pellet sensor so you'll never run out during low and slow cooking
  • Wifire connected technology (inc via Alexa) controls your grill from anywhere – no more babysitting
  • Quick change to one of six hardwood flavours wood flavours with handy hopper trapdoor
  • Sturdy all-terrain locking caster wheels and splayed saw-horse legs for superior stability
  • Industry leading grilling technology including brushless D2 Direct Drive drivetrain, Super Smoke Mode and Downdraft Exhaust System for the best possible wood-fired flavour



Feature Description
Brand Traeger
Construction Steel bodywork and hatch door, 3 stainless steel grill grates
Fuel Hardwood pellets (6 Flavours)
Finish Black powder coated
Optional Finishes None
Net Weight 97kg (15st 3lb) approx
Hopper Capacity 11.0kg (24lbs)
Warming Rack Yes
Features Drip tray drains to external grease bucket, Stainless steel side shelf with tool hooks, Double wall insulation
Options Full all-weather cover, Pellet level sensor
Capacity (approx) 9 Chickens / 8 Rib Racks / 6 Pork Butts
Grilling Area (mm) Total 6 square feet approx
Main lower grill 550 x 413 (22" x 16.5") approx
Middle grill 550 x 350 (22" x 14") approx
Upper third grill 550 x 225 (22" x 9") approx
Controls PRO D2 direct drive controller, Wifire connected control technology, Integrated meat temperature probe and porthole
Approx Overall Dimensions (mm) H1170 W1220 D710
Guarantee 3 Years


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