Traeger Timberline 1300


The wifi-enabled Traeger Timberline 1300 is a seriously capable pellet fired barbecue and smoker and is one of the largest outdoor grills you can buy anywhere. With its three tier heavy duty stainless steel shelves it will easily swallow up to 60 burgers in one go and cook each one of them evenly. But it deserves much better than that, so if you prefer it can easily handle 12 chickens or 8 low and slow Briskets and just about anything else you fancy. Plus, because of its incredible Super Smoke Mode, everything you cook will be infused with that subtle wood-fired flavour that you only get from the best quality smoke. Add in speedy unshakable temperature control for intelligent hands-off cooking and It simply doesn't get any better (or bigger) than the Traeger Timberline 1300.


At The Stove Yard when we first clapped eyes on the Traeger Timberline 1300 we thought we'd be hard-pushed to sell an outdoor grill on this scale. However – surprise, surprise, since we displayed the Traeger Timberline 1300 in our County Down showroom we've found that there really are some seriously dedicated grill fans out there who wish to take their barbecuing to the max. When it comes to producing feast-like quantities of restaurant quality food with the minimum of effort they've discovered that there's really no other choice than the Timberline 1300.

With its precisely controlled, consistent and evenly spread temperatures The Traeger Timberline 1300 can barbecue, grill, sear, roast, braise or bake, and with the extra height you get when one or two of the shelves are removed, you can also cook in a large pot while continuing to grill. The huge 11kg (24lb) pellet hopper with its pellet level sensor lets you cook even slower and longer than you ever though possible without ever having to worry about running out of fuel (unlike gas). There's even a 75ºC keep warm mode to delay cooking or to keep food ready to serve when guests arrive.

Traeger's D2 Direct Drive drivetrain with the Turbo Temp function not only delivers better quality smoke with more power and flavour but importantly also ensures that the grill gets hotter faster when you need it to. For example, lost heat is quickly replenished whenever the lid is opened and closed. This also makes it exceptionally good for quickly boosting the temperature when reverse searing on the lower shelf.


Traeger have perfected exactly how to infuse your food with the correct amount of deliciously delicate smoky wood-fired flavours (there's six to choose from including apple, cherry and maple) by creating a continuous flow of the subtle blue smoke at the precise temperature tailored to deliver all of the the desired taste without the bitterness sometimes associated with wood smoke and that can sometimes ruin food. This is all down to the Timberline 1300's patented Super Smoke Mode which brings home-smoking to a whole other level. At the press of a button its variable speed fan and Traeger's Downdraft Exhaust System will produce a vortex of heat and smoke under the barrel-shaped lid to uniformly bathe each of the three grill areas in finely tuned smoke before exiting at the rear of the grill (unlike on the PRO series there's no chimney on the Timberline). You can press the Super Smoke button at any time during cooking as long as the grill temperature is between approximately 75ºC and 107ºC.


Family and friends barbecues can be fun, but not so much if  you're the poor old renominated cook. This can often be a full-time job baby-sitting the barbecue until everyone's been fed. They also get to miss out on most of the fun and the craic. Not any more, all thanks to Traeger's sophisticated user-friendly WiFire connectivity and their unique Traeger App with Traeger’s GrillGuide which allows you to put your cooking on auto-pilot while you get on doing other things.

Simply choose the recipe you want from the App and download it to your grill and the Traeger D2 Controller will automatically do the rest to deliver the precise consistent temperature needed to make mouth-watering dishes every time. Since the grill uses convection heat to cook any potential nasty fat flare-ups that can ruin your food are eliminated. Safety is also further enhanced by the fat being continuously drained away to a concealed vessel for later safe and easy disposal. This also make cleaning up after you've cooked incredibly easy too.


With the Traeger Timberline 1300 you get all of the features you need and nothing you don't. It's all designed to allow you to grill and smoke to perfection without busting a gut. With Traeger's superb intuitive how-to videos, from how you first assemble and set up your grill to how you can make the most of all of its many features via the thousands of tried and tested Traeger-related food ideas and recipes. Controlling cooking the temperatures, setting the times and accessing the huge database of Traeger-related recipes from anywhere using your smartphone or smart device will quickly become second nature. From day-one you'll be easily taking your outdoor cooking to an altogether higher level.

  • Temperature range from 75ºC to 260ºC with 75ºC keep warm mode
  • D2 Direct Drive Controller for superior broader precision temperature control
  • TurboTemp delivers ultra fast start-ups for up to 20% faster grilling
  • Tru Convection system ensures even heat and removes potentially dangerous flare-ups
  • 100ºC+ Super Smoke Mode for perfect evenly spread smoke which infuses subtle wood fire flavours
  • Wifire Technology for remote hands-free cooking
  • Traeger App and Grill Guide with 1500+ programmable recipes and step-by-step instructions. Automatically set the correct temperature and probe target, tells you when to add your food and will let you know time remaining and when it's ready
  • Integrated Meat Probe (with dedicated storage space) target temperatures can be controlled and monitored via the Traeger App

For more information on the benefits of cooking with the Traeger App please click here.


The Traeger Timberline 1300 features three tiers of 863mm (34") long heavy duty adjustable and removable stainless steel racks to provide you with a whopping 9.3 square feet of grilling space. Remember with Traeger's combination of D2 Direct Drive, TurboTemp and and Tru Convection System you get precise fast and even temperature wherever you place your food whether its 12 whole chickens of 14 racks of ribs. The Timberline's dual position lower shelf can be also used in the bottom position for fast and easy searing. Shelves can be removed to accommodate larger food like turkey or cook-in-the-pot dishes for example.

With the Timberline 1300 you also get a good sized left hand side stainless steel shelf with three handy utensil hooks as well as a matching stainless steel front 'bumper' shelf as standard. There's also a handsome bamboo cutting board with magnetic base for attaching to the lid of the large 11kg pellet hopper for extra prep' space. This will stay in place if you have to open the hopper lid for refilling. Incidentally, the hopper has a pellet level sensor warning so you'll have plenty of notice to remove any food or tools from the cutting board to allow you to do this.

The large barrel-shaped grill is securely attached to four 75mm (3") diameter heavy duty powder coated tubular steel legs, splayed saw bench style for rock-solid stability and to evenly distribute the top heavy weight. On the right hand side there is a pair of large 175mm (7") diameter rubber wheels and on the other side a pair of smaller 75mm (3") lockable and steerable rubber wheels to make rolling and positioning the Timberline's 17 stone (108kg) much easier than you could ever imagine. There's a handy hook at the rear to keep the power cable safely out of the way and an optional all-weather cover for total protection if decide to leave the grill outdoors.


Traeger Timberlines are regularly described as being built like tanks and that's probably not too far off the mark when the construction quality is considered and especially compared to other makes – but for one exception: Traegers are so much better looking. Every aspect of the Traeger Timberline 1300's build quality is first class and its superior components are made to last as long as possible. Detail is everything and there isn't a sharp edge anywhere on any of their premium steel bodywork. 

Double insulated powder coated steel walls, as well as on the well-balanced lid with its all round air-tight seal, ensure superior heat retention and less time taken to reach the desired temperatures – even on the bitterest days. This also means less fuel is used. Comprehensive stainless steel inner lining and stainless steel drip tray make for durable easy to clean surfaces. The hard-wearing variable speed fan, with the industry's first brushless motor, along with the resilient one-piece auger and the quality metal control knobs are just some of the premium features that truly make the difference when it comes to owning a Traeger Timberline.

NB When all-weather cooking outdoors you must ensure that the safe operation of the grill and its power cable cannot be compromised by rain or snow.



In The Stove Yard's opinion the Traeger Timberline 1300 provides a highly flexible and sophisticated outdoor cooking solution that is simply the best available. If you're looking for a well built, premium grill that has all the bells and whistles you're ever going to need and that's also going to last for an exceptionally long time then it has to be the Timberline 1300. Whether you want to cook hot and fast in volume or expand your repertoire with a multitude of tasty variations from wood fired pizzas to smoky low and slow dishes the Timberline's top of the line grill technology will deliver it all perfectly with the minimum of fuss. The versatility of the Timberline 1300  is outstanding. Barbecue, bake, smoke, braise, roast and sear all at the tap of a button – even remotely from your smartphone if you want, all thanks to wifi connectivity and the wonderful Traeger App with its intuitive instructions and videos for over 1500 recipes.

  • All the latest grill technology to make life and cooking so much easier
  • Delivers perfect delicious flavoursome wood fired food every time
  • Ever-so easy to use with a wealth of user-friendly back-up via the Traeger App
  • Class-leading premium build quality and components ensure your Traeger will last
  • Superior heat retention and speedier cook times including super smoke and keep warm modes
  • Precise consistent temperatures for versatile range of cooking methods
  • All of the flexible grilling space that you could ever need with its 3-tier grill grates


Traeger Timberline 1300 Key Features

Brand:    Traeger Timberline 1300
Construction:    Double insulated steel wall bodywork and lid
for excellent heat retention and speedy temperatures
Air-tight mesh gasket seal on lid for improved heat retention
3 heavy duty stainless steel grill grates
Stainless steel side shelf with utensil hooks
Stainless Steel Front Shelf
Bamboo Cutting Board
Robust sawhorse style splayed legs for extra stability
All terrain lockable wheels for easy moving and safety 
Fuel:   Hardwood pellets (6 Flavours)
Finish:   Black powder coated 
Optional Finishes: None
Assembled Weight:  108kg (17st) approx
Hopper Capacity:   11.0kg (24lbs)
Maximum Temperature: 260ºC
Warming Rack Yes – removable for large joints and turkeys etc
Drip Tray:   Yes. Concealed grease management system
Drip tray drains to concealed compartment for easy disposal
Options:   Full all-weather thick canvas cover 
Capacity (approx): 12 Chickens / 14 Rib Racks / 60 Burgers
Main lower grate (mm):  863 x 413 (34" x 16.5") approx
Middle Grill (mm):  863 x 350 (34" x 14") approx
Upper third grill 863 x 225 (34" x 9") approx
Controls:    D2 direct drive brushless motor controller
Turbotemp for quicker cooking
Tru Convection System for even cooking
Downdraft exhaust system and Super Smoke mode
Pellet level sensor, ideal for long low and slow cooking
Wifire connected technology for remote control and recipes
Integrated meat temperature probe with easy access port
Approx Overall Dimensions (mm): H1295  W1220  D710 
Guarantee:    3 Years



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