Stovax Riva2 40 Inset Fire


The Stovax Riva2 40 Inset Fire is Stovax's all-new Defra approved multi fuel inset convector stove specifically designed to keep emissions to an absolute minimum. For example, when it comes to particulate matter (PM2.5) the Stovax Riva2 40 produces approximately 50% less than the tough new minimum required by the 2022 Ecodesign emissions regulations and almost 60% less when Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) are measured. The Riva2 is also highly economic to run with an A+ rated efficiency of 80.5% when burning wood and if you choose, 82.6% when burning smokeless coal. It's also pretty good looking too with its impressively large Dualflow airwashed window which gives you a clear, virtually uninterrupted, view of the whole fire chamber. Stovax's advanced Dualflow convergent air flow system introduces pre-heated air at the top and bottom of the glass to ensure any soot and debris are quickly swept into the fire chamber to be burned away.

The Stovax Riva2 40 main body dimensions make it an ideal choice to comfortably fit inside a standard 22" high by 16" wide (550mm x 400mm) fireplace opening once the chairbrick has been removed. This will allow it to work within a wide choice of traditional or contemporary styled solid fuel fire surrounds. You also get a choice of two frame widths, either as a three-sided frame for placement of the inset on a non-comustible hearth, in a fire surround for example, or a four-sided frame for when the Riva2 is installed at height within a chimney breast. The Profil XS is the narrower of the two frame styles and at only 30mm wide it will give a more minimalist look to allow complete focus on the fire chamber and flame pattern. The Profil frame is slightly wider at 45mm and can be used to mask any uneven edges or gaps or simply to give the Stovax Riva2 40 much greater visual impact.

One of the advantages of the Stovax Riva2 40 is that it comes with integrated direct external air supply (DEAS) capability as standard, which can be supplied ether through the base or at the rear for greater installation flexibility. This makes it the perfect choice for post-2008 homes. Attaching the 125mm diameter liner to the flue collar has been made much easier too.

The Stovax Riva2 40 has two smooth running slider controls on the front for precise flame control and fuel management. The primary air control for smokeless coal fires, with its ReIgnite boost mode for quicker starts, also doubles up as an external riddler. The secondary air slider manages the combustion air supply for wood burning as well as the airwash system. The fire chamber features pre-heated tertiary air for much cleaner burning and as a genuine multi fuel stove the Stovax Riva2 40 includes a handy removable ash pan.

Stovax stoves are renowned for their blend of exceptional design, superior build quality and outstanding performance and the Stovax Riva2 40 certainly represents a brilliant example of this. Better still, the Stovax Riva2 40's superb emissions and efficiency credentials make this inset stove an excellent choice for anyone concerned about the environment as well as their heating costs. Incidentally, if you're not too concerned about having to fit your inset into a standard opening then you should also also check out the Stovax Riva2 50 and the Riva 2 55 wood burning inset stoves which are also both rated at 5.0kW and are therefore suitable for most living rooms.


Key Facts

Stovax Riva2 40 Inset Fire Key Facts

Fascia dimensions with frame mm
3 sided 30mm Profil      XS H575  W444
3 sided 30mm Profil      H599  W492 
4 sided 45mm Profil      XS H596  W444
4 sided 45mm Profil      H644  W492 

Flame viewing area mm H325  W256

Combustible Distances mm                    Sides 150  Top 500

Brand Stovax 
Model Stovax Riva2 40
Heat output nominal 4.9kW 
Output range  3.6kW to 5.3kW depending on fuel load
Efficiency  Wood 80.5% / Smokeless coal 82.6%
ErP Energy Rating  A+
Defra Approved                                       Yes
Fuel                  Seasoned wood logs and smokeless coal
Airwash                                               Advanced Dualflow Airwash (top and bottom)
Air Controls                           Two slider controls for primary / boost and secondary air
Construction                                          High quality steel exterior, cast iron grate, log guard and handle
Flue Outlet                                                Top only
Flue Diameter                                           125mm / 5"
Grate Type                                           Multi fuel grate with external riddler and separate ash pan 
Guarantee                                                5 years when registered with Stovax
Maximum Log Length             250mm / 10" approx
Standard Colour                         Traditional Matt Black
Optional Finishes                                    None
Options   Profil XS narrow 3-sided and 4-sided frames
Weight  63.5kg 
Air Vent Required                                     Not usually in pre-2008 homes (Subject to Building Regs)
Direct Air Inlet (DEAS)                      Yes, 80mm dia rear or base, integrated and ready to add ducting
Overall Dimensions mm                  Main body: H550  W436  D350 (exc rear DEAS spigot)




Stovax Riva2 40 Inset Fire User Instructions

Stovax Riva2 40 Inset Fire Installation Instructions

Stovax Riva2 40 Brochure


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