Big Green Egg


Switch things up with the rEGGulator: fast, foolproof temp control that lets you focus on what counts: the flavour.

All New EGGs come with the new rEGGulator as standard

It’s weather-proof. It’s rust-proof and burn-proof. Hell, for a cap, it’s pretty normal-proof. The new rEGGulator offers unprecedented control over your EGG. With better burn efficiency and duration, faster heat-up and cool-down times, and a whole range of sustained temp settings, you’ll be cooking better, eating better, and living simpler before you know it. When you’re all done, close the cap to extinguish your EGG. That’s all there is to it. Fits 2XL, XL, Large, Medium and Mini Max EGGs.

● The all new rEGGulator’s so good, we patented it. ● Precise temp control at your fingertips. ● Made out of pre-seasoned, weather-resistant cast iron for durability and rugged good looks. ● Silicone adjuster means you won’t burn yourself during a cook. ● Shuts off the EGG when fully closed. ● Designed to sit on top of your EGG forever; you won’t need to take it off between cooks. ● Raining? No worries. The rEGGulator is an all-weather EGGcessory. If you’ve got one, you won’t need a ceramic damper top. ● Magnets keep the rEGGulator in place, so you’ll no longer mess up your fixed temperature when you open the EGG ● Up to 50% better airflow than the traditional Dual Function Metal Top. ● Doesn’t stick when it’s cold. ● Designed to accommodate an optional rain cap.

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