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Hi-Flame R4 Ecodesign Stove

The R4 is the smallest Ecodesign Ready Stove in Hi-Flame's new family of stoves. This has all of the features gf its bigger brothers, the R5 and R6, but in a practical compact format, making it ideal for the smaller fireplace or smaller living space. A direct external air supply outlet is standard and there is one single user-friendly slider control to provide the perfect blend of combustion air to ensure an ultra-clean burn throughout the whole burn cycle and keep a clear glass. The subtle F-Type detailing on cast iron door, which covers the whole of the stove front, is carried through to the low cast iron-fronted plinth to create a seamless contemporary design with a larger than average sized window for a compact wood burner. The R4 is Ecodesign Ready and Defra Approved.

There is a new Logstore version being launched in September 2021


Model name

 R4 EcoDesign

Nominal heat output to room






Flue outlet


Glass size(mm)


Combustion chamber/ firebox size(mm)


Maximum log length(mm)


Maximum Fuel Load(KG)


Ecodesign Energy Efficiency Rate


Mean CO emission (vol%)


Gross weight(kg)


Net weight(kg)




R4 Instruction Handbook

ERP Label R4

ERP Data R4

ERP Fiche R4

EcoDesign 2022 Test Results


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