Precision 1

Just consider what a lot you get for your money with the Precision I. Then compare this with any other 5kW stove in a similar, or even higher, price and we think that you'll be very pleasantly surprised – as well as impressed. First of all there's nothing lightweight about the Precision I – it weighs in at 79kg, which is not only an indication of the quality of materials used in the cast iron door, cast iron lid and steel bodywork but also a pointer to just how well the Precision has been built to cope with heating your home every day, year in year out (there's a five-year warranty). Inside too it's just about as good you can get with pre-heated secondary and tertiary air systems to ensure that you always get a much cleaner burn, a much cleaner glass and you use a lot less of your logs.

• 4.9kW Heat output
• 84.3% efficiency (wood)
• 4.9kW Heat output
• CE EN13240 tested and CPR compliant
• Hetas Approved Appliance
• Defra Approved
• Product Listed on the HARP Database

• Suitable for 12mm hearth (subject to Building Regs)
• No air brick needed for pre-2008 homes (subject to Building Regs)
• Pre-heated tertiary air and pre-heated airwash system
• Multi fuel grate
• Adjustable feet
• Easily takes 250mm (10") logs
• Top or rear flue 125mm (5")
• Premium quality steel bodywork
• Cast iron door, lid and tertiary air back-plate
• Vermiculite side fire-bricks
• Five Year Extended Warranty

• Optional Direct Supply Air Kit

Output 5kW
Efficiency 84.3% (Net)
Airwash System Pre-heated Secondary & Tertiary
Construction Steel & cast iron
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
Flue Size 125mm/5"
Flue Type Open
Grate Type Multi-fuel
Guarantee 5 Years
Defra Approved Yes
Additional Finishes None
Ideal Log Length Up to 30cm
Weight 79kg
Air Vent Required No
Direct Air Yes




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