Peanut 5 Tall

This best selling 5.0kW wood burner, with matching store stand, will not only deliver stunning good looks but also outstanding all-round value...

The traditional all-cast iron construction (bodywork, door, lid and firebricks) of the Peanut 5 Tall ensures that this is a new stove that has definitely been designed and built to last. It is also 2022 Ecodesign ready and has the highest clearSkies Level 5 ultra low emissions air quality credentials, as well as the environmental benefits of carbon-neutral fuel, so that it will make a highly cost-effective choice for anyone who wants a good looking, sustainable and environmentally friendly heating solution.

Three separate combustion air controls and Saltfire's Fast Flame quick start lighting system, along with its removable ash pan and practical store stand means that the Peanut 5 Tall is ever-so-easy to use. Its striking extra large window (compare its size to the competition) is kept continuously crystal clear by the Peanut 5's efficient and controllable airwash system. The firechamber with its long-lasting cast iron firebricks will easily take 300mm (12") logs and deliver a useful heat output range between 1.5kW and 5.0kW depending on the fuel load.

All-in-all the Peanut 5 Tall is as good as a modern stove as it gets – much better than many costing much more, and one that The Stove Yard can say with confidence will exceed your expectations both in terms of real value and outstanding performance.

Peanut 5 Options

• Stainless steel top hot / cooking plate
• Stainless steel rail surround for cooking plate 

Key Facts

Brand Saltfire Peanut
Heat Output 5.0kW nominal
Heat Range 1.5kW up to 5.0kW depending on load
Efficiency (Net) 79.9% ErP A Rated
Defra Smoke Exempt Yes
2022 Ecodesign Yes / clearSkies Level 5
Construction All cast iron Bodywork and Door including cast iron Fire Bricks
Flue Outlet Top or Rear 125mm (5")
Fuel Bed
Small Open Grate and Ash Pan 
Finish Black
Optional Finishes None
Ideal Log Length Will take up to 300mm (12")
Weight TBC 
Air Vent Required Not usually for pre 2008 homes
Direct Air No
Minimum Distances  Rear 400mm / Sides 450mm
12 mm Hearth Yes (Subject to Building Regulations)
Three controls including for Tertiary Air
Guarantee 5 Years Bodywork (Subject to T & Cs)
Other Models Peanut 3, Peanut 3 Tall, and Peanut 5


Click here to download Peanut Stove manual


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