Peanut 3 Tall

A great little wood burner that really sets the standards for ultra low emissions and exceptional value... 

If you're looking for a wood burner that will have the minimum impact on your local air quality then the Peanut 3 or its variant with the store stand, the Peanut 3 Tall, are definitely ones to consider The Peanut 3 is amongst only a handful of stoves to have attained the tough ClearSkies Level 5 for its ultra low emissions – most of the others costing significantly more money too. Even if you just want a great looking stove that represents excellent value for money then this is one stove that should be at the very top of your list. If only for its bigger than average window. But there's much more to the Peanut 3 Tall than that.

For starters it features all-cast iron construction – not just the door and the lid, but the bodywork and firebricks. Not only should this stove last well beyond the manufacturer's five year warranty but it will also create a considerable sized heat sink to provide you with long lasting slow release heat long after it's gone out. Something to consider if you're going to install it in a log cabin, shepherds hut or yurt which are known to quickly dissipate heat during the night. The Peanut 3's top or rear fitted 100mm (4") diameter flue also makes it a great choice for these types of buildings, which are usually single storey, and where the usual minimum 4.5 metre tall flue system can be both impractical and costly to build.

The Peanut 3 Tall features Saltfire's unique Fast Flame quick start lighting system which makes it very easy to start the stove and this, combined with not just two, but three combustion air controls, also provides you with maximum control over the 2.0kW to 5.0kW heat output range and fuel efficiency. It has an excellent A+ rated efficiency of 82.7% – which is just about as good as it gets for a 2022 Ecodesign Ready stove. Not only that the Peanut 3 Tall is also Defra approved for burning logs in UK urban areas.

Practical options include a stainless steel cooking / hot plate with stainless steel Fiddle rail.

Peanut 3 Tall Options

• Stainless steel top hot / cooking plate
• Stainless steel rail surround for cooking plate 
ª Steel Marine Hearth for boat installations

Key Facts

Brand Saltfire Peanut
Heat Output 4.7kW nominal
Heat Range 2.0kW up to 5.0kW depending on load
Efficiency (Net) 82.7%
Defra Smoke Exempt Yes
2022 Ecodesign Yes / clearSkies Level 5
Construction All cast iron Bodywork and Door including cast iron Fire Bricks
Flue Outlet Top or Rear 100mm (4")
Fuel Bed
Small Open Grate and Ash Pan 
Finish Black
Optional Finishes None
Ideal Log Length 250mm (10")
Weight TBC 
Air Vent Required Not usually for pre 2008 homes
Direct Air No
Minimum Distances  Rear 150mm (75mm when twin wall used) Sides 550mm
12 mm Hearth Yes (Subject to Building Regulations)
Three controls including for Tertiary Air
Guarantee 5 Years Bodywork (Subject to T & Cs)
Other Models Peanut 3 Tall, Peanut 5 and Peanut 5 Tall


Click here to download Peanut Stove manual

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