Nordpeis Orion

Nordpeis Orion Stove from Nordpeis Stoves. The Nordpeis Orion Stove is a traditional dedicated wood burning stove with tall legs and narrow & deep firebox. 

The Nordpeis Orion wood burner allows for top, side or rear flue outlet connections, ideal for heating small living spaces. The Norpeis Orion also features an integral hotplate for a kettle, casserole or bean pot. The Nordpeis Orion is SIA Eco Design Ready For 2022.

Nordpeis Orion Stove features
2-7kw heat output range
73% efficiency 
top, rear or side flue outlet
Cleanburn system
Integral hotplate on stove top
Cast design on side
Small brass handle
Long legs
SIA Eco Design Ready

Stovax Safeguarding Statement

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